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kpop concert photography

Concert Recaps

The best thing about concerts is of course to be able to see your fave artists live! After the concert you are left with tons of precious memories. Relive the concert by going through our concert recaps.

Eric Nam Amsterdam

19-03-2024 @ Amsterdam, NL

ERIC NAM in Amsterdam

"God? It that you?"


On Tuesday March 19th, Eric Nam performed at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, delivering a show full of great music, dance and of course what we know and love about him: humor! Eric Nam has been a successful soloist for years, and his popularity grew so big here in the Netherlands that he was able to do not one, but two shows in Amsterdam...

Dreamcatcher offenbach

23-02-2024 @ Offenbach, DE

Dreamcatcher in Offenbach

"We're always with InSomnia" is a promise Dreamcatcher surely means to keep as the seven year old group embarked on their fourth European tour, visiting nine countries...

Everglow berlin

07-02-2024 @ Berlin, DE

Everglow in Berlin

"Everglow forever, let's go!" was the motto of Sunday night's show that would close Everglow's first European tour "ALL MY GIRLS". The vibrant energy of the South Korean girl group echoed through the iconic Huxleys Neue Welt in Berlin and...

Rolling Quartz Berlin

03-02-2024 @ Berlin, DE

Rolling Quartz in Berlin

South Korean rock band ROLLING QUARTZ embarked on their very first European tour, visiting five countries and two cities in Germany. Within two years of their debut, Rolling Quartz has rapidly risen to become a leading K-rock band
in Korea and...

Pixy Berlin

05-12-2023 @ Berlin, DE

PIXY in Berlin

South Korean girlgroup PIXY embarked on their second European tour, visiting nine countries in total and enchanting the crowd. Member SUA was unfortunately not able to join their European tour due to a biking accident and member LOLA
was out sick..

KiSu Amsterdam

05-12-2023 @ Amsterdam, NL

KiSu in Amsterdam

On November 21st, Choi Kisu, more famously known for his stage name KiSu stopped in Amsterdam for his second stop of his second world tour titled Dal Segno at a cosy venue named CineTol. Even though he was extremely busy, we were lucky enough...

B.I Utrecht

19-09-2023 @Utrecht, NL

B.I in Utrecht

South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter B.I (Kim Hanbin) embarked on a journey to meet European IDs in a total of fourteen countries for his "Love Or Die" tour back in September and October...

ONEUS Tilburg - Berlin

02-11-2023 @ Tilburg, NL | 10-11-2023 @ Berlin, DE

ONEUS in Tilburg & Berlin

ONEUS are finally in Europe!

In November, the five member boygroup made a stop in Tilburg and Berlin - after having not been able to perform in Germany due to having Covid...

Bang Yongguk - Cologne

06-07-2023 @Cologne, DE

Colors of Bang Yongguk

"The staff followed Yongguk’s example, and provided free water to all the fans"

On Thursday, 6th of July 2023, Bang Yongguk held his concert of the Colors Of Bang Yongguk tour in Cologne. People might know him from his time as the leader and rapper in B.A.P...

Junny amsterdam

27-03-2023 @ Amsterdam, NL

JUNNY 'Blanc Tour' - Amsterdam, NL

"I'm not insane; just crazy with a little twist"

Monday 27 March solo artist JUNNY came to Amsterdam for a concert at the Melkweg, as part of his Blanc Tour!...

the rose Utrecht

12-02-2023 @ Utrecht, NL

THE ROSE 'Heal Together' - Utrecht, NL

"We hope that our music heals you, as it did us."

In February, The Rose came to the Netherlands as their 10th stop of their Europe tour. It was our first time being able to photograph a concert...

Ateez amsterdam 2023

10-02-2023 @ Amsterdam, NL

ATEEZ The Fellowship : Break The Wall' World Tour

"Is this a dream or reality?"

For the second time in less than a year, ATEEZ came back to Amsterdam...

CIX Tilburg 2023

18-01-2023 @ Tilburg, NL

CIX 2nd World Tour [Save Me, Kill Me]


We started of 2023 with a great concert from CIX, also in the 013 in Tilburg!...

Dreamcatcher Tilburg 2023

17-11-2022 @ Tilburg, NL


"Are you ready to fall in the dream with us?"

In November 2023, Dreamcatcher graced the 013 in Tilburg with their powerful presence..

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