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About KCE


We are a team of passionate volunteers eager to spread Hallyu all over Europe. Leveraging our diverse backgrounds in Photography, Journalism, Social Media Marketing, and Event Management, we unite our strengths to compile information about upcoming Kpop Concerts in Europe.

Our team is dispersed across The Netherlands, Germany and France with connections spanning throughout Europe. We are proficient in several European languages, allowing us to communicate effectively in
our shared pursuit.

Our platform engages in a variety of activities to enhance the Kpop concert experience for fans.
These include:


Keeping our audience informed about upcoming Kpop concerts, tour dates, and other significant announcements.
We strive to be a reliable source for fans seeking timely and accurate information. Our blog serves as a valuable resource for fans to stay informed and connected with the vibrant world of Kpop.

Concert Reviews & Photography:

We specialize in attending concerts and delivering comprehensive reviews that authentically capture the essence
of performances. Our reviews are thoughtfully complemented by captivating photography, offering readers a chance to vividly relive each concert moment. Distinguished in concert photography, we skillfully showcase the energy and emotion of Kpop performances through visually stunning images. This photography adds an extra layer of immersion, allowing those unable to attend the concerts in person to experience the captivating atmosphere.

Social Media Posts:

Actively engaging on social media platforms, we share real-time updates, highlights, and interactive content related to Kpop concerts. Our social media presence fosters a community of like-minded fans.

Collaborative Giveaways:

Partnering with esteemed companies, we bring you thrilling collaborative giveaways, providing opportunities for our followers to win exclusive prizes such as concert tickets. These giveaways not only add a sense of excitement but also demonstrate our gratitude for our dedicated audience.

Through these endeavors, we aim to create a dynamic and inclusive platform that celebrates the passion
and enthusiasm surrounding Kpop concerts in Europe.

If you are interested in discussing
a collaboration to promote your upcoming Kpop concert tour,
please feel free to contact us at:

For any queries about upcoming tours, please contact the organizers as we do not handle tour arrangements.

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