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[Concert Recap] Rolling Quartz in Berlin

Updated: Feb 3

Photo: MIN @ KpopConcertsEurope

South Korean rock band ROLLING QUARTZ embarked on their very first European tour, visiting five countries and two cities in Germany. Within two years of their debut, Rolling Quartz has rapidly risen to become a leading K-rock band in Korea and are charming rock and K-Pop fans alike.

KpopConcertsEurope was able to catch a glimpse of the fiery Korean rockgroup in Berlin! Thanks to tour organizer 4bb, we were allowed to take pictures close to the stage. Scroll down to see all pictures!

Photo: MIN @ KpopConcertsEurope

The Venue

Located in the vibrant area of Neukölln, the former cinema „Globus“ is becoming part of the city’s dynamic cultural scene. Hole⁴⁴ is a space for artists and emerging talent to create an outstanding atmosphere additionally reinforced by the venues unique surroundings.

You can easily get to Hole⁴⁴ by taking the U-Bahn to Hermannstraße (U/S Bahn). After exiting U-Bahn station, there's only a 5 minute walk left until you get to the venue.

The Organization

The tour was organized by 4bb and weird world Booking. We were in contact with 4bb who was in charge of organizing the tour in general.

The queue was decently organized with Add-on and Early Entry holders getting their wristbands between 5 and 6pm. Everyone else was able to enter the club without a wristband since the Add-on included color coordinated wristbands. The show didn't start right at 7:30pm like originally announced because there were quite a few fans still waiting outside. To ensure everyone was able to catch a glimpse of Rolling Quartz, opening time was pushed back for about 15 minutes.

The Concert

After having visited US DIADEM last year, Rolling Quartz finally made their way to Europe. Visiting Poland, Germany (twice!), the UK, France and the Netherlands felt like a dream to the fans who have been waiting for up to four years.

Between performing songs of their own, the group played additional covers of famous rock songs like Seven Nation Army, Smells Like Teens Spirit or Måneskin's ZITTI E BUONI - one of the cover songs that turned Rock and K-Pop fans into DIADEM. The five member group focused mainly on performing with only stopping twice in between songs to quickly introduce themselves to the crowd and speak a few words in English as well as greet the multinational crowd in German.

The girls showed the crowd how it's done: Drummer YEONGEUN had a short drum solo after which she got up from her drumset to greet the cheering crowd. Guitarists IREE and HYUNJUNG as well as bassist AREM all had their moment in the spotlight when they either stepped closer to the crowd, played extended guitar solos with each other or performed together with lead singer JAYOUNG.

Before their encore song Helena (by My Chemical Romance), JAYOUNG tried to get the crowd to chant for an encore after having already announced that Sing Your Heart Out would be their last song of the evening. Fans were a little confused that they started to boo loudly, implying they didn't want the evening to end yet. She took it with a lot of humor and once again explained the crowd was supposed to chant "ENCORE! ENCORE!" - which fans eventually did.

The group came back after having put on their tour merchandise and sang and played their heart out one last time. So long and good night didn't close the chapter to last night's concert though because Rolling Quartz made their way onto the edge of the stage, finishing finger hearts with DIADEM and giving the first three rows a taste of the HiTouch that was included in the General Admission ticket. Every single member went from one side to the other to thank fans and let them know how much it meant to them that DIADEM and enjoyers of Rock and K-Pop alike came to their show in Berlin.

After a short break which the tour staff used to separate the room for a HiTouch area, Rolling Quartz lined up to high-five every single person that came to last night's show with a big smile. Once the HiTouch was finished, people who bought Add-Ons were able to take group and solo pictures with the group as well as get signed albums.



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