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ITZY in Amsterdam

Photo: JYP Entertainment, Vincent van den Boogaard

The sun had decided to shine down on ITZY that day.

On Wednesday 1st of May, ITZY had made it to AFAS in Amsterdam (NL) and whilst the girls were rehearsing the crowd of Midzy’s outside had gathered. From random dance plays, to people filming dance performances for their TikTok. Midzy’s clearly were starting to get excited as some of them had queued up for hours.

The Concert

Even with the concert not having started the screens showcased all currently active groups under JYP Ent. From Twice, 2PM, NMIXX to Stray Kids and several others. The crowd made sure to cheer for each and every one of the groups and sang along with the song being played.

Once the clock hit 8 o’clock the time was there starting off with ‘Born To Be’ as the girls walked on stage in shimmering red sparkling outfits, they looked absolutely stunning!Assisted by a live band performing each and every song that had been planned out to the core, giving a completely new experience to ITZY’s music.

After the first three songs ITZY took the time to introduce themself properly to the crowd. Following up by welcoming their fans to their 2nd world tour with their very first visit to the Netherlands. The girls even took the time to study up on their Dutch language skills, however something must have gotten lost in translation during practice backstage. Because when the time came for the members to introduce themselves they said ‘’Wij zijn Ryujin’’ which translated to ‘’We are Ryujin’’ even though it was completely grammatically incorrect. It was absolutely adorable! And of course each and every member introduced themself in the exact same grammatically incorrect way. Earning some good giggles within the audience. Having finished their own introduction they introduced the live band and followed up with one of their personal favourite songs ‘Mr Vampire’.

Besides ITZY’s amazing energy on stage that radiated into the crowd, one thing is for sure. JYP Ent. did not hold back in the visual effects department for this world tour. The mesmerising motion designs lined up with each and every song, showcasing not only the title of the song in different typographic ways. But also enhancing it with 3D animations and particle effects whilst being able to key in and out camera close ups of the individual members all at the same time. The camera operators at AFAS clearly knew what they were doing as the shots were framed perfectly to fit with the visual designs.

Now of course during each and every song the fans sang and danced along but when ‘Wannabe’ hit the speakers. The crowd only got louder!

The girls then proceeded to do their own individual performances, each accompanied with their own stage decor and a new stunning outfit. Chaeryeong was the first of the girls to open up with her solo song ‘Mine’ wearing a fully white outfit accompanied by her backup dancers putting down an energetic performance. Ryujin’s set was something else, the background LED screens had opened up giving her a spot higher up above the crowds. Sitting down in her chair looking like a total badass she started her song ‘Run Away’. After having asked the people to sing along it was time for Yuna to take the stage, our sparkle pink princess with flaming red hair sat in a diamond stage decor giving us the total girlypop vibe. Yeji wrapped up the solo set by starting the scene in total darkness, wearing her vogue handcraft crown as she started her performance of ‘Crown On My Head’ giving us the total opposite of Yuna’s girlypop vibe by going evil queen and she absolutely nailed it.

The next following acts were filled with some of the fans favourites like ‘I’m Untouchable’, ‘Psychic Lover’ and ‘Loco’ and as the 3rd act wrapped up the background dancers got their moment to shine. Performing different routines in separated groups followed up by the live band displaying their musical talents on each of the instruments. Returning to the stage once again in a silvery set of outfits performing ‘Not Shy’ and ‘Cake’.

Photo: JYP Entertainment, Vincent van den Boogaard

ITZY then took the time to talk to the audience one more time, asking the fans to scream as loud as possible if they wanted the girls to come back to Amsterdam on the next world tour. It was fair to say that the poor parents that had been dragged along by their children to see ITZY most likely still can’t hear properly till this day. They continued by honouring some of their earlier music by doing a little dance break for ‘Mafia in the Morning’ & ‘Icy’.

After two more songs they did the classic by stating these were their final songs, which we all know ain’t the case. But it gave the girls that much deserved break as they had been absolutely slaying it on stage for the past two hours by dancing and singing like the absolute stars that they are. The cameras did a 180 and turned the spotlight to the crowd in the tribune as the screen started playing little clips of ITZY’s music and challenged Midzy's perform in front of the camera. Starting with ‘Loco’, a sweet little girl no older than 10 got the first spotlight, and absolutely nailed the dance.

The crowd cheered on the Midzy’s who got the camera pointed on them whilst singing along with the music. Switching to sometimes groups of people to two cameras, to solo performances. A shout out to the girl dancing to ‘Dalla Dalla’ - the dancer was on fire!

ITZY returned with ‘Love Is’ and ‘Be In Love’ as they then took a moment to sit down on the stage as a special fan project had started on the screens. Dutch fans had sent messages for the group thanking them for their music, their energy and the happiness the group gave them. Of course the messages couldn’t be completed without some sweet words for Lia who unfortunately wasn’t part of the 2nd World Tour as we are hoping for her healthy return soon. As they talked some more we 100% received our quote of the day ‘’I must English harder’ by Chaeryeong. To be fair the messages on the screen disappeared way too fast to reach each and everyone of them.

Photo: JYP Entertainment, Vincent van den Boogaard

The girls continued to perform ‘Chillin Chillin’ and then wrapped up with a absolute banging ‘Dalla Dalla’ and as red heart shaped confetti got blessed into the hair whilst the crowd sang and danced along one more time. ITZY had finished their performance at AFAS in Amsterdam leaving the fans to only want more.



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